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4 oz Ireti (Hope)- Pronounced Ee-Reh-Tee

4 oz Ireti (Hope)- Pronounced Ee-Reh-Tee

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Welcome a soft, refined breeze into your home with our signature Ireti candle. Ireti in the Yoruba language means “Hope”. Seamlessly conveying the delicate sensation of fresh botanicals and mood-boosting notes, this candle will instantly give you the feeling of hope. Can be enjoyed in your bedroom or bathroom. 


4 oz- Burn time approximately 13 Hrs 

Top: Agave, vanilla sugar 
Middle: Rose, jasmine, orchid, marine 
Bottom: Dark smooth musk, amber, cedar-wood, creamy vanilla 



*Lead free glass

Fragrance Oils

*Using concentrated quality candle fragrance


4oz Candle

Width: 9cm

Height: 8.5cm


10oz Candle

Width: 12cm

Height: 12cm



*plant-based candle waxes made from sustainably sourced soy, palm, rapeseed and coconut, with quality protection by strong process controls.

*Palm Free

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