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Lofinda Luxury. Pronounced Low-Fin-DUH

Lofinda means “Scented or Perfume” in the Yoruba language. The brand is a reflection of my Nigerian - American upbringing.

Fusion Of Nigeria & America

Like most immigrants coming to America, my parents are of Nigerian
origin and came here to live a better life. I got my love for scented
goods from my mom. Anytime she would get ready whether it
was for work or an outing she would spray every piece of clothing
including her under garments with perfume. I always admired my mom
because no matter what she was going through she never looked like
her problems. Each of our signature fragrances give you a sense of comfort and stimulate your limbic system which plays a role in feel good emotions.

Our Story

Premium Ingredients

Each candle is handmade with coconut soy and coconut apricot wax with candle-safe fragrances and cotton wicks.

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