Our Story

Like most immigrants coming to America, my parents are of Nigerian
origin and came here to live a better life. I got my love for scented
goods from my mom, Kemi. Anytime she would get ready whether it
was for work or an outing she would spray every piece of clothing
including her under garments with perfume. I always admired my mom
because no matter what she was going through she never looked like
her problems.
I believe when you smell good, you look good and, you feel good. My products stimulate your limbic system. That part of the brain is home to our memory & emotions. My candles are intended to give a sense of comfort. There’s an art to candle burning. My intent is to give the
most luxurious candle experience with our candle care kit which will
help with getting the maximum use of your candle.
Not only do my candles smell great it is perfect for any home's décor.
My jars are reusable that way you still enjoy even after the candle is